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About the company

GlobalFreightSolutions company is a provider of transport logistics services. Our top-priority task is providing highest quality in the field of arranging international transportation along with its economical effectiveness.


Our top specialties: AIR and OCEAN international transportation. Detailed information you can find on relevant pages of this website.


GlobalFreightSolutions values its image and its customers, that’s why:

  • Your shipments are being processed by managers with actual experience in international transportation not less than 4 years and having specialized education. We clearly understand the responsibility we have to our customers and we can’t assign arranging cargo delivery to an employee with insufficient qualifications.
  • We offer a wide range of logistics solutions based on customers’ needs. Every single request is processed case by case.
  • Competitive rate levels are achieved through long-term cooperation with our suppliers (leading ocean carriers, airlines and certified agents), but not by using the cheapest carrier (which will for sure decrease quality service level). This philosophy results in providing best “value / quality” balance.
  • Employee incentive programme is built the way managers are financially interested in making their job as good as they can and improving professional skills.



We hope that these arguments are strong enough to make you start cooperation with our company. We’re always ready to provide you with professional consulting and offer ultimate solution based on your logistics tasks.


Sincerely yours,

GlobalFreightSolutions Team.